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Welcome To Cambodian Cultural Village

Cambodian Cultural Village (CCV) is located in Siem Reap along National Road No 6, distanced 3 Km from International Siem Reap Airport and 5 Km from Angkor Wat temple. With a total area of 210,000 mater square, CCV assembles all the miniatures of famous historical buildings and structures, local customs and practices of all races. There are 10 unique villages, which represent different cultural heritages with 8 scenes of show performance. At each village, the tourist will be able to enjoy with traditional dancing performances in different styles such s: Apsara Dancing, Traditional Khmer Wedding Ceremony, Historical of the Angkor period show “The greatest king Jayarman 7th Show”, performance of ethnic minorities from Northeast of Cambodia “Choosing Fiancé Show” and “ Water & Fire Master Choosing Show”, Performance of ethnic minorities from Northwest of Cambodia “Peacock Dancing”, Performance of Khmer original people “Khantremming Dancing”, and more....

CCV has a museum that exhibits the way of how Angkor Wat temple was built by the ancient Khmer, the lifestyles of Khmer during the Angkor period and breath-taking human figures with various characteristics and replicas of important historical people.


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Schedule of Performances at CCV

Public Holidays of 2013 in Cambodia

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Thammabal Kumar and Kakbil Maha Brahmas puzzle legend


This story state that, a long time ago in this world there was a man named Thammabal. He was the cleverest of all men and he could solve any problems, even the most complicated ones. Since this, his name was well known not only to all the being in this world but also to Kabil Maha Brahma, the King of Heaven. When Kabil Maha Brahma heard about Thammabal, he came down to this world to meet him, and to ask him three crucial questions. He made a promise to Thammabal that if he could answer all three questions relating to happiness correctly, he would cut off his own head as an offering to Thammabal. But if Thammabal could not answer the questions, the King of First Heaven would cut off Thammabal's head. He gave him seven days to come up with the answers.

The three questions were: What is the definition of happiness in the morning, at noon, and in the evening? Thammabal was so overwhelmed by the difficulty of the questions and so filled with shame at his inability to answer them that he gone to the forest, there to kill himself in secret. Luckily, when he fell asleep under a palm tree. In the tree were two eagles, one male and one female, who were discussing the problems of happiness; from them he learned the answers to the questions.

On the seven day, Kabil Maha Brahma arrived, and Thammabal answered the questions in this way: "In the morning people have happiness on their faces because they washed their faces when they arose. At noon the people have happiness for their bodies because they bathed their bodies to be cool in the heat. In the evening they have their happiness on their feet because they washed them before they went to bed".

When he heard the questions answered correctly, Kabil Maha Brahma cut off his own head and offered it to Thammabal. He then called his eldest daughter to take his head and put it on a golden dish and walked around the Meru mountain , Kabil Maha brahma had seven daughters along with seven days of the week.

For that reason, the seven daughter of Kabil Maha Brahma take turns each year circling the mountain with Kabila Kabil Maha Brahma's head.


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